Arne Maasik “Soontaga”

Arne Maasik “Soontaga”

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Arne Maasik “Soontaga” (2013/2022), 65×100 cm, fototrükk kangal

In 2000, Arne Maasik started to systematically photograph underbrush, and during seven years, the series named “Tangles” continually grew and formed an increasingly prominent part of this work. Based on what is being depicted, these underbrush pictures could be categorized as nature photos. Actually, Maasik is clearly detached from this tradition and controversial—destructive of the genre. /—/ He photographs nature like architectural photographers photograph buildings. /—/

Peeter Laurits

Allikas: http://arnemaasik.org/galleries/tangles/

Mõõtmed 65 × 100 cm

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