Exhibition: “Creative Realities” curated by Siim Raie in Karepa

The exhibition “Creative Realities,” curated by Siim Raie, an Estonian Academy of Arts art history master’s student and the founder of Artrovert Gallery, explores the possibility and potential expressions of truth and reality at Villa Dombrovkas in Karepa.

Exhibition: Kiwa’s exhibition “Robot’s Path is a Shift”

On May 9, 2023, the exhibition “Robot’s Path is a Shift” by artist Kiwa will be opened at Artrovert Gallery. The exhibition consists of one hundred digitally created images that captivate the viewer. The exhibition will remain open until June 22, 2023.

Gallery: Opening of Eero Alev’s Exhibition

From February 16th, the exhibition “Siis korraga ma näen sind” by Eero Alev is open at Artrovert gallery. We would like to thank the artist, his family, and art enthusiasts who attended the opening event. The exhibition will remain open until March 25th.

Exhibition: Ingmar Roomets – “Shadow”

The year 2023 begins at Artrovert Gallery with a new exhibition by a young artist. Ingmar Roomets’ exhibition “Shadow” showcases 11 works from the past two years.