Ingmar Roomets's näitus "Vari". Foto Siim Lõvi

Culture ERR at Ingmar Roomets exhibition “Shadow” opening.

Culture ERR: On Friday, Ingmar Roomets opened the exhibition “Shadow” at Artrovert gallery. The exhibition features 11 works from the past two years.

Exploring the background of the exhibition, Roomets explained that a shadow is neither good nor bad, it is neutral and awakened by events happening in life. “Certain people and relationships can trigger our shadow. Then, a part of us is activated that we may not have been aware of before,” he explained.

According to the artist, the artworks in the exhibition may initially appear dark and repelling. “The fears, pain, and experiences reflected in them can unexpectedly affect all of us, and it can be challenging to confront their concentrated authenticity,” he described.

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