Exhibition: “Creative Realities” curated by Siim Raie in Karepa

The exhibition “Creative Realities,” curated by Siim Raie, an Estonian Academy of Arts art history master’s student and the founder of Artrovert Gallery, explores the possibility and potential expressions of truth and reality at Villa Dombrovkas in Karepa. Participating artists include Mia Felić, Gerda Hansen, Davijani, Anna-Liisa Kree, Syed Sachal Rizvi, Eri Rääsk, Mari Steinberg, Lara Žagar, and Mirjam Varik.

“What is truth and what is real” is a daily topic of contemplation. Wars are waged over different interpretations of reality, and everyone preaches their own version, often an ideological truth. In the midst of these inflated questions, art is the only true answer. Art doesn’t have to be (and has never been) real, but it has the ability to show us what is possible, what is realistic without being actual.

Nine contemporary art master’s students from the Estonian Academy of Arts have created their own creative realities – dreamscapes, visions, fantasies, altars, sanctuaries, memories, dreams, and repetitions of dreams. Often, these mental images are more real than reality itself. At least to their creators. The exhibition allows us to approach some inner worlds, joys, and worries while also providing an opportunity to observe where the artist positions themselves within them and where the viewer stands.

The exhibition features photography, painting, drawing, and installation works. “Depicting the three-dimensional world and even more so, conceptual spaces, in a two-dimensional form has always been an interesting and challenging task in art for me. The authors and their works were chosen precisely because of their ability to depict reality in a two-dimensional way,” said curator Siim Raie.

The exhibition “Creative Realities” will remain open at Villa Dombrovkas in Karepa, Lääne-Virumaa, throughout the summer and can be visited on Fridays and Saturdays.

Photo: Gerda Hansen’s painting series “Days Passed Quietly from Morning to Evening,” 2023.