Exhibition: Regina-Mareta Soonsein “Imprint”

At the Artrovert Gallery, the exhibition “Imprint” by Regina-Mareta Soonsein will be open from August 24th. The exhibition features recently created graphic works produced using linocut technique, and it also displays the printing plates used for the artworks.

Artist’s description of the exhibition:

“All things are impermanent. The dissolution of everything into emptiness is universal and inevitable. Even things characterized by attributes of strength, inertia, or rigidity represent nothing more than an illusion of permanence. You can cover your eyes, trick your senses into forgetting and ignoring, or pretend otherwise, but everything ultimately ends up in emptiness. This includes planets and stars, even immaterial values such as reputation, legacy, history, scientific theorems, mathematical proofs, great art and literature (even in digital form), all of it fades into oblivion and nonexistence.” Leonard Koren.

I find truth in the words of artist and writer Leonard Koren. However, people inherently have the need to fit everything into frameworks and boxes, to provide rules and forms. The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another and transfer from one body to another. Energy is conserved.

In nature, both straight lines and surfaces confined by four sides are foreign to me. I find the circular flow more intrinsic. In a circle, a line can move organically, imitating the relationship between chaos and order that exists in nature. I employ a sense of biomimicry, not just as a direct representation of form, but rather as a process and perception. It encompasses drawing inspiration from the properties and dynamics of biological matter, as well as the structure of natural chaos and regularity.

The present works are excerpts from observations, perceptions, and natural fragments encountered during my journeys in recent months. I have filtered these findings through my characteristic “body language.” Whether it’s the polished surface of brain trees or the organic cycle of life, I notice connections that indicate our participation in the shared neuro-network and the circulation of biomass.

Regina-Mareta Soonsein (born 1991) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2019 with a degree in painting, but in recent years, she has focused her creative efforts on linocut. Her artistic position encompasses the subjectification of lines, bending, the beauty of destruction, deviation, fragmentation, introspection, and archetypal themes.

Soonsein has been actively participating in exhibitions since 2017, with her most recent being a solo exhibition at Vaal Gallery in the spring of 2023. She has received the Biafarin Award at the NordArt exhibition, the Wiiralt Award for the title of Audience Favorite, the Best Stage Design award at the I Land Sound Festival, and the title of Newcomer of the Year from the Estonian Printmakers’ Association.

Artrovert gallery’s exhibitions are open during gallery opening hours.